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audio: Hudson at VF con '97 [45min]
audio: Renee at VF con '97 [74min - full CD]
audio: "Bard" - a filk song - sung at VF con '97 [3min]
audio: LL in Grease 10/19/97 - segments from both shows [40min]
audio: LL singing the national anthem and the interview afterwards [10min]
audio: Liz Friedman's radio interview [25min]
audio: LL at first burbank con [40min]
audio: LL on NZ radio interview [31min]

Data: from floppy: Promo txt Xena/Herc episode synopsis [official]

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About the Archives:

SuZilla's Archives collects mostly Xena/Lucy-related Audio/data material unavailable to the general public, and preserves this on media more durable than cassette tape - ie CD.

Please note that one CD holds up to 74 minutes of audio, or 650MB of data.

There is *no* charge for any archived CD's - with the exception of stuff from WarriorCon, as my purpose is not profit but preservation.

However, due to limitations of time, equipment, and cost [blank CD's and shipping], I do ask for a small donation if you can afford it.

Suggested donation is US$5 to $12 per CD.

Furthermore, it is the policy to *not* copy or distribute anything that is copyrighted and readily available for purchase.

Anyone with a CD writer or similar equipment is welcome to join me as an Archivist. And I'll gladly provide information to anyone interested in buying a CD writer.

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