CD writing services

This page is unrelated to the Underground Archives, but is here because it offers a similar service.

I have decided to offer a CD writing service for those who want one to a few copies of personal data/audio written to CD, and either don't have the time, equipment, or inclination to do it themselves.

Costs are that of blank CD's [usually $3.50], plus a time charge of $12 per hour of my time.

Audio CD's require much more intensive labor than data CD's, and 1 hr of audio, depending on what it is [speech vs music] can take 2 to 5 hours to process into wav files which are then written onto CD.

One CD will hold about 6 zip disks, 650MB of data, or 74 minutes of audio.

Please do not ask me to do anything that breaks copyright laws.

Interested parties should inquire about specifics.

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