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My Personal Library:

audio: Magic, Melancholy, and Moondust [45min]
audio: Keepers of the Flame [45min]
audio: Musique Rennaisante et Mediavele [60min]
audio: Bayfilk - all songs by Heather
audio: Enchantress - Gypsy
audio: Fever Season
audio: Heather Alexander Live!

Upcoming projects:

audio: Mercedes Lackey Live!
audio: Reclaiming - Chants
audio: Reclaiming - Let It Begin Now
audio: Reclaiming - Second Chants
audio: The Descent of Innana

Future projects / Wanted list

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My Policy:

This is my collection of albums of personal interest to me that are either out of print, unavailable on CD, or both. I have written the audio to CD to preserve the audio for the above reasons. I own all but 2 of these albums on original cassette tape.

I understand that others have similar sentiments, and so if you own any of the cassette tapes above, and would like them on CD, I will *only* make one CD copy for those who *already* own an album on cassette tape, and only if it is *unavailable* on CD. I consider this providing just a backup copy to the owner, which is reasonable. Anything else is illegal.

I will absolutely not make CD's of anything that can easily be bought in CD format.

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