WarriorCon Audio

WarriorCon Audio on CD:

CD: Karl Urban - available now [50 mins] $15
CD: Kevin Smith [incomplete - 21 mins] - available now $10
CD: Master Doug Wong - work in progress
CD: Rob Trebor - work in progress
CD: Avicus - work in progress

Each speaker comes on a seperate CD.

Price: $15 per CD unless otherwise stated. Includes shipping.


I was on the staff of WarriorCon, and my credit cards were a significant part of what financed it.

Unfortunately, WarriorCon lost a large amount of money, and I ended up $11,000 in debt.

I have been trying to pay off that credit card dept, and it has been difficult for me. It will take me well over a year to pay off this debt.

I offer CD's of the audio from Saturday of the con in an effort to help this situation.

Price will be $15 per CD. This *includes* shipping and handling. Feel free to give me more if you can, or less if you can't.

Also, general donations towards the debt will be very welcome. But please note that any donations will not be tax deductable.

Thank you,

SuZilla - Priestess of the Order of the Chakram
Winter Solstice '97

Please send check or money order, with e-mail and address to:

1003 Fairview Rd
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Please allow some time for delivery.

E-mail SuZilla