These are some of the buttons available:

1] Battle On!
2] Be. Nice.
3] MacGabber
4] ROCker
6] I [heart] Amazons
7] I [heart] Gabrielle
8] I [heart] Joxer
9] I [heart] Callisto
10] I [heart] Xena
11] [Lipstick stained Dixie cup]
12] Kill Joxer
13] "Your custom button"


Gold on black
Bronze on black
Gold on purple
Red/black on white
Black on any color
Purple on any color

More Information Pending

Buttons are free, but shipping and handling will be $2 per button.

I will accept only legibly written/printed orders - include your complete mailing address, the name to mail to, your e-mail and screen name, phone number, as well as the title and quantity of the stickers you want. I also reserve the right to refuse any order.

I can take checks or money orders (send cash at your own risk - really not recommended for amounts over $6):

1515 Bainbridge St
Philadelphia, PA 19146

I am MOVING HOUSE soon! Please confirm my address with me by e-mail before you snail-mail me anything.

Please send any questions, etc to me privately - however, to avoid confusion, I will not be taking orders by e-mail.

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