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Stellar Occasion Volunteer Form

If you'd like to volunteer for Stellar duty, here's what you do.

  • Read the outline below about the various departments.
  • Fill out the registration form so we know who you are, and where you want to work, etc. (The Department Head who is responsible for that area will contact you and give you more info.)
  • Make sure to let us know whether you want a Staff T-Shirt or not (It's a different design than the regular shirt and it's sold AT COST only to workers (usually around $10-slightly higher for largest sizes) and we only make enough to cover the pre-orders. You pay for them at the con)
  • You must work 12 hours some time during the con to get free admission and crash space (in various shifts or all in one day, that's up to you). Crash space means space to crash but does not necessarily mean a bed.

Warning, if you volunteer, the following conditions also apply:

  • Failure to complete your full work hours will result in loss of free badge privileges. (This means if you choose to sign up, pick up your badge and then not work, we will yank your badge and you will have to pay to re-enter the con.)
  • There is no guarantee that you will be selected for a staff. We will choose veteran workers first to fill staff positions, and only then will consider new volunteers.
  • We will try to let you know whether you were selected as soon as possible. If you hear nothing, assume you were not selected, and make other arrangements.

Our Philosophy:

The staff functions as a team. Each worker is vital to the function of his/her department, and to the function of the entire con. There IS no such attitude as "it's not my job, man." Our staff will find out what the problem is and fix it. The real 'guests' are those people who pay their hard-earned money to attend the con, and we want to treat them accordingly-- our first loyalty is to the fans we love. Working on staff should be fun and exciting, not an elitist stress factory. We enjoy putting on a great show year after year; otherwise we wouldn't bother!

Should you think volunteering is a quick way to sneak into the con free without working, please don't bother to apply. If you can follow or believe in our credo, come help us make Stellar Occasion the finest con in the country! We welcome you!

  • CON SUITE (Intergalactic House Of Spoo) - Hospitality Room, where the fans are fed. All shifts & times are available. The suite will stay open until the wee hours, but not 24 hours. You will help fix food, make punch & sandwiches, cut up cheese, watch videos, and basically help make the room a place where everybody will feel welcome.
  • SPECIAL OPS (GROPOS) - Our name for gofers. A jack-of-all-trades position, you may help move dealers into the dealers room, run an errand to the local Radio Shack, sit at a dealer's table so he can use the restroom, help with the costume contest, move a TV, and hang signs on the walls. Car (or access to one) very helpful. The department runs mostly in the daytime, except during set-up Thursday, tear-down Sunday, and during Masquerade & Dance.
  • GUEST RELATIONS - Duties include bringing guests to and from the airport, checking water stations in the panel rooms, making sure panels start on time, and make sure that the guests attend their functions. A dependable car is required. Punctuality is extremely important. This department run during the daytime hours mostly, and is intensive during the beginning and end of the con. People skills are a must, as you will be in constant contact with the guest and attendees.
In addition, we are looking for people to be moderators during question and answer sessions with the media guests. This would require someone with the ability to "play-up" an audience; theatrical background is an asset.
  • SECURITY - The people who guard the safety and well-being of the con and hotel. There are stationary (badge checking) positions, and roving positions. This department operates 24 hours in various shifts. Diplomacy is important.
  • REGISTRATION/INFO - Responsibilities include handling badges, program books, t-shirts, and answering information about the convention. This department operates during daytime hours into evening, in 4 hour shifts.
  • BOARD GAMING - Game Masters & assistants are needed, as well as registration personnel. This department runs 24 hours in various shifts.
  • ART SHOW - Art show staff duties include construction of the art show display furniture, checking in artists and agents, hanging mail-in art, and tracking sales and inventory paperwork in the room, and at the auction, etc. Art show security involves checking packages and bags at the door, and occasional roving duty in the room, but art show security is part of the Security department, rather than art show itself.
  • VIDEO ROOM - Running of video equipment, making sure that the schedule stays current.
  • CHILDRENS' PROGRAMMING - Help keep an eye on the little ones and assist with crafts, reading, painting and other activities. Being good with children is required. This department has two four hour shifts per day.

If you would like to volunteer for Stellar Occasion, please fill out the form below.

Zip Code:  
E-Mail Address:  
Phone Number:  


What Department would you like to work?

 Con Suite  Special Ops  Guest Relations
 Security  Registration/Info  Board Gaming
 Art Show  Video Room  Children's Programing


What days will you be able to work?

 Thursday Set-Up  Friday  Saturday
 Sunday Sunday Tear-Down  

What Hours will you be able to work?

 Mornings 8am - 12 noon  Afternoons 12 noon - 5pm
 Evenings 5pm - 10pm  Late Night 10pm +

What events do you really want to see? (So we can try our best not to schedule you for those times):

 Welcoming Ceremony  Costume Contest  
 Art / Charity Auction(s)  Dance

Other Events that I don't want to miss:

Tell us a little about yourself, and why you want to work the con:

Do you want a Staff T-Shirt?



If "Yes", what size?





2 X-Large

3 X-Large

Note: Price is $1 more for 2 XL and $ 2 more for 3 XL because the base shirt cost is higher.

The Fine Print:

I have read the above and agree to work in a voluntary capacity at Stellar Occasion . I understand that I am responsible for my own actions while working, and that Stellar Occasion and/or Phoenix Entertaiment cannot be held liable for them. I agree to abide by the rules of duty outlined by my staff head, and also that violation of those rules could result in my ejection from staff and possibly from the convention.

Please list your E-Mail address as your Signature:

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