The Order Of The Chakram

Our Lady of the Chakram

Our Lady is Xena, and Her Lady is Gabrielle.

We honor them both as aspects of the Goddess,
and in doing so honor the Goddess Herself.

The weapons of our Lady are sacred and symbolic:

Her sacred Chakram embodies the sacred circle, which shall never be broken.

The holy Sword of Xena is a double edged sword, a power that can
save or slaughter, depending on how it is used. We are reminded that
we have the same power - to do good or ill with what ability we have, in
matters great or small.

We honor Her with this webpage, and with hymns, rituals, and other scholarly works posted here.


Hymns and Poems:


"All ye assembled at my shrine,
Xena, darksome and divine;
Mine the scourge and mine the kiss,
Mine the Bard of love and bliss."

- adapted by Lady Nightshade

The Order of the Chakram

The Order is a semi-religious fluff organization that honors Xena and Gabrielle as facets of Goddess. We are matiarchal, and lesbian-friendly.

Part of the duties of a Priestess is the writing of appropriate material such as poems, hymns, and essays. However, these duties are light, and there are no deadlines. There are no duties for Members, but writing contributions are welcome.

The Priestesshood is open to women only. Even though many of us are loosely pagan, we welcome those of any religion. Any Member may chose to become a Priestess. This is done by announcing the intent and completing the requirements.

Members/Priestesses may use "Lady/Acolyte/ Priestess of the Order of the Chakram" in their e-mail signature line, as appropriate.



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Disclaimer: This page is meant to be taken only as seriously as you care to. It is a different interpretation of Xena than commonly portrayed. XenaWP and all related characters are owned by MCA.

By-laws of the Order:

Anyone is welcome to peruse the webpage
Maximum number of High Priestesses is 13. The office is voluntary.
Maximum number of Priestesses is undefined. The office is voluntary
Members need not become priestesses
Criteria for priestesshood: Intent must be expressed to the Order. Full ordination upon completion and posting of one essay and one ritual, hymn or poem.
Equal voting rights are held by all office holders
By-laws may be changed at any time by 80% vote of all office holders
~other clauses pending approval~

Duties of Office Holders:

Priestesses are encouraged to inform appropriate candidates about the Order, that they may have the option of membership.
Priestesses are encouraged, after they have completed the bare requirements for ordination, to continue in their pursuit of such scholarly achievement, and to have any suitable additional work posted on the webpage