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Amazon War Staff

These can be made to length, as people are different heights, and staffs must be made for your height. Tell me height in feet and inches.

I hand stain the wood, and use real leather and fur, as well as jute twine.

Staffs are typically $44 each, plus $6 shipping if applicable.

Usual color of stain is brown/reddish-brown, but black is available on special request at $4 additional cost.

Address below...

Ye Basic Economy Bracer

Mix and match your own custom bracer. Ask about available colors, but black or brown is pretty standard. Bracers made to your measure

Rates are:

choose one bracer type [base charge]:

choose one closure:

choose one lining:

I use several weights of leather so that you can have either softer dress bracers, or heavy armor grade ones [these should be lined].

I will also need from you a paper pattern so I can make the bracer to fit. Take a piece of paper, wrap it around your forearm pretty snug, then tape it. Using a pair of scissors, cut it from the wrist up. You should end up with a paper pattern that looks roughly like a bracer. Edges can then be trimmed so that it fits you perfectly - this is the pattern I work from, and what you give me is what you get.

All prices may be subject to change without notice

Below are some examples of my work (these not for sale):

Segmented Bracer
Leather Earrings with sterling hooks

Copper Bracer

Leather Helm with nickle rivets
100ml Leather covered glass flask, decorated with garnets and hematite set in sterling - one of a kind - not for sale

Personal Update:
I am at this time backlogged, and as such am not accepting any new orders for bracers or most large projects until next year [1999]. I am however still taking orders for Amazon War Staffs.

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