Star Trek AF's

Here is a list of the Star Trek AF's I have. Anything I don't have, I want. and I will trade with what I have extras (*) of. All figures listed here are in their original packaging, all are US edition unless otherwise stated. I endeavor to keep this page up to date, but sometimes this may take a while.

StarTrek:TNG - Space. The Final Frontier (Playmates Asst.No. 6070)

Lt Barclay, 7th season 6070/6045
Cmdr Sela
Picard as Romulan
Data as Romulan
Dr. Beverly Crusher 6019
Lt Worf in starfleet rescue 6036
Klingon Warrior Worf 6024
Dr. Noonian Soong 6070/6038
*Counselor Deanna Troi (2nd season uniform) 6070/6076 (from Singapore)
*Lt Cmdr Data (1st season unifrom) 6070/6072 (from Singapore)
*Cmdr William T Riker (2nd season uniform) 6070/6074 (from Singapore)
Lt (JG) Geordi LaForge (1st or 2nd season unifrom) (from Singapore)
Lt Cmdr La Forge as Tarchannean 6070/6033
Lt Cmdr Geordi La Forge in dress uniform 6026
Guinan (red outfit) 6020
Lore 6022
K'ehleyr 6059
Q 6058

Star Trek:TNG (Playmates Asst.No. 6950)

Lt Worf in ritual klingon attire 6985
Lt Natasha Yar 6965
Ambassador Sarek 6968

StarTrek:DS9 (Playmates Asst.No. 6230)

Captn Jean-Luc Picard 6245
Mjr Kira Nerys 6206
Lt Jadzia Dax 6242
*Morn (from Singapore)
*Quark (from Singapore)
*Gul Dukat (from Singapore)
Chief Miles O'Brian

StarTrek:Holodeck Series (Playmates Asst.No. 6430)

*Dr. Beverly Crusher in 1940's outfit x2
Sherrif Worf
Deanna Troi as Durango

StarTrek:Interstellar Action Series (Playmates Asst.No. 6430)

Geordie LaForge

Star Trek (Playmates Asst.No. 6430)

Captain Christopher Pike
Janice Rand
Christine Chapel 6430/6447
Captain James T. Kirk (green outfit)
Captain Kirk in environmental suit 16048
Mister Spock (blue outfit)
The Talosian Keeper 6430/16039
Harry Mudd 16154
Vina as Orion Animal Woman

Captain Picard as Galen
*Dr. Beverly Crusher 6430/16047 x2
*Dr. Katherine Pulaski 6430/6428 x2
Professor Data 16152
Gorn Captain 6430/16041

Captain Ben Sisko 6430/16021
Lt Jadzia Dax in ritual klingon attire
*Odo 6430/6446 x2
Lt Com Worf strategic stations comm DS9
Captain Kurn 6430/16020

Tom Paris mutated 6430/16023
Seska as a Cardassian 6430/16022
Admiral Riker
Governor Worf

StarTrek:Voyager (Playmates Asst.No. 6480)

Captain Janeway x2
*Kes x2
Commander Chakotay
Chakotay as Marquis
*B'Lanna Torres as Klingon x3
Ensign Seska
The Doctor
The Kazon
Tom Paris 6480/6483
Lt. Carey

Classic Star Trek (Playmates Asst.No. 6450)

*Sulu 6450/6454 x2
Commander Spock (grey outfit)

Star Trek: Generations (Playmates Asst.No 6910)

Captain Jean-Luc Picard 6918
Doctor Beverly Crusher 6924
Cmdr Deanna Troi 6920
Lt Cmdr Data 6921
Lt Cmdr Worf in 19th C outfit 6931
Lursa 6929
B'etor 6928

Star Trek: First Contact (Playmates Asst.No. 16100)

All 11 AF's

Star Fleet Academy

Cadet Worf
*Cadet Jean Luc Picard x2
Cadet William Riker

Star Trek Collector Series (Playmates Asst.No. 6280)

Mjr Kira Nerys 16189
Lt Cmdr Jadzia Dax 16186

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