1] Lovin' every moment (almost gone)
2] TAKE THE VILLAGE! (almost gone)
3] Gabrielle:Warrior Bard
4] AYIYIYI! (Almost gone)
5] Beware:Obsessed Xenite (OUT OF STOCK)
7] I [love] Xena
8] I have many skills
9] Forget the Chakram beware of owner (few left)
10] I brake for Warrior Princesses
11] Here comes trouble...
12] You got this close because I let you
13] Xena for President
14] Amazons Rule! (few left)
15] Warrior & Bard 2000 (almost gone)
16] I [love] CALLISTO

All stickers are in stock, except those that are sold out. Orders will be filled and mailed as they arrive. If you order anything out of stock I will substitute unless you specify otherwise.

These are real factory printed bumperstickers.

Color is purple letters on white background. Numbers 3 & 11 are green,
and 7 & 16 are black/red.

Stickers are $2 each - this included shipping.
One free sticker for every 5 you buy.
All funds should be in US$. Out of US orders please add a dollar or two for higher cost of shipping.

I will accept only legibly written/printed orders - please include your complete mailing address, the name to mail to, your e-mail and screen name, phone number, as well as the title and quantity of the stickers you want. I reserve the right to refuse any order, and I also reserve the right to send extra stickers at no additional cost.

Please include an e-mail or phone just in case I need to talk to you about your order.

I can take checks or money orders (send cash at your own risk - really not recommended for amounts over $6):

Su Fairchild
484 McKee Ave
Monessen, PA 15062

Please note NEW ADDRESS!

E-mail for questions: suzilla at bigfoot dot com

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