Quest a.k.a. Lórien

Lórien is a young and very talented musician with a lilting and melodic voice. Her main instrument is the guitar, and she has dabbled in many others, including piano, drum, and recorder.

A Brief Bio:

On Line Nick: Quest
Real Name: Lórien
Birth Info: June 2nd, 1974 (born: Fawn Lórien Patton)

Lórien 's folks are artists who are heavily involved in the Christian Music and Arts scene, so she traveled a lot when she was a wee one, going on tour with her parents to all parts of the globe...

She was born in San Diego, California,and has ranged from Canada to Mexico in her travels. Her parents tell her she was even in New Zealand once, though she was young to recall it, much to her regret.

She left home at 17, and moved to Los Angeles, finding her first job in the "Industry", working in a movie theater. Many adventures ensued, as they always do, but none of them proved fatal. At the moment Lórien does odd jobs while pursuing her music career, and lives in Whittier with her wife Sarah.

TV/Public Appearances:

In April, 1996, Lórien (using her old name: Fawn Patton) sold a song to NBC.

The song was "Dark Bird", and it went on the soundtrack of an NBC Movie of the Week called "Her Last Chance"... with Jonathan Brandis, Pati Lupone, and Kelly Martin. From that she garnered appearances on Inside Edition, the NBC4 local news, Sally Jesse Raphael, Geraldo, The Today Show, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as well as a picture on the front page of USA Today's Life section.

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