S u Z i l l a


SuZilla Helicopter Rappel

Fave Quotes:
"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."
"You cannot be free from sin unless you are free to sin."

Car: 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid
Knives: CRKT tanto folder, Emerson Kerambit, Cold Steel, Atlanta Cutlery, Kris Cutlery
Guns: CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka) P-01, Springfield, and Beretta CX4
Food: seafood (raw or cooked), venison, lamb, anything spicy.
Colors: BLACK, earth tones, darker grey
Clothing: Timberland shoes, Foxfire shirts, Guess jeans, Gargoyles sunglasses, WIlson's leather.
Music: Celtic, Medieval/Renaissance, and filk
Celtic Bard: Heather Alexander
Songs by Heather: March of Cambreadth, Yo Ho, Black Jack's Lady
TV: Xena, StarTrek, B5, Buffy, Farscape, new Battlestar Galactica
Actresses: Angelina Jolie, Lucy Lawless, Claudia Christian, Claudia Black, Katie Sackhoff.
Movies: Tomb Raider, Charlies Angels.

Indoor target shooting, sporting clays.
Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Aikido.
Homebrewing, blacksmithing and silversmithing.
I collect all manner of weapons, but mostly medieval/fantasy swords, knives, and guns.
Books of fiction, fantasy or sci-fi, esp Honor Harrington series.
Fave authors: Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffray, Marion Zimmer Bradley, David Weber
Organizations: SCA, Klingon Imperial Brewers Guild, Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild
Religion: Priest of El-Elyon, order of Melchizedek

Future Plans:
Get Diver's certification, learn to fly a helicopter, go skydiving, go to Africa on safari and eat what I shoot.

TV appearences:
Many years ago as a paid actor in a brief educational piece on Singapore TV.
In 1996 on Singapore national TV concerning the first Singapore Xenafest.
And Nov '97 on the WPIX/WPSG News at 10 concerning the Valley Forge Xena Convention.
2003 commercial for Monogahela Valley Hospital, appearing as myself

Speaking/Preaching engagements:
5/3/5 Newness of Life Church
5/29/5 Orchard Christian Fellowship

Graduated (BSc) from Bemidji State University, Bemidji, Minnesota
Had some post-grad stuff
Co-coordinator, Pittsburg '96 Xenafest
Co-coordinator, Singapore Xenafest June '97
Panelist, Balticon '97
Staff, WarriorCon '97
Co-chair, ZonCon '98

Suitable Gifts:
Best not to attempt to give me anything as I am extremely fussy and have strange tastes. But I will take any sharp or deadly object, interesting beer, and ammo in 9mm, 10mm, 45 cal, and 5.56 NATO. Also silver and gold bullion.

Christmas gifts:
Please don't. I dislike useless ornaments. And I do not wish to be party to the giving and receiving of unwanted and unneeded objects out of a sense of seasonal obligation.

Future predictions:
Gold will go up. The dollar will go down, and the Euro will be the new world currency. The middle east will be in conflict for awhile yet, until a false peace treaty is signed with Israel. China will rise in power. Europe will rise in power. The United States will not be the world power it once was. Israel will find oil. The dead sea will be divided in two. There will be a nuclear exchange in the world sometime within the next 80 years. Jesus Christ will return.

mail: suzilla at bigfoot-dot com

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