SuZilla's Sound Clips

These are mostly high quality stereo/mono wav files that have been processed using professional audio editing software.


bad hair day
LL doing Callisto scream at 2nd BurbankCon

Babylon 5 [Ivanova]:

leave me alone
Ivanova is God
Babylon control out!
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Herc [Morrigan]:

you know where I stand. Let's do some damage
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Lucy Songs:

Deep in the heart of Texas
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Due to the large size of most of my files, I have not put them on-line. I am willing however, to snail mail you those files on CD media.

You can choose CD rom [wav files], or audio CD [playable on music CD player]. Please note that wav and audio cannot be mixed on one CD.

I do request a reasonable donation to cover my cost of equipment, media, time, shipping, etc. But I will sometimes do trades in lieu of donations, if you have something I need or like.

Please contact me by e-mail.

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